The Genie is Out of the Bottle: The Health and Social Risks of Adolescent Internet Use - Reena Isaac


This presentation was given at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit 2016. To learn more about that event, visit:

More than 25 years have passed since the invention of the World Wide Web changed
society by allowing unbridled access to the Internet. Adolescents, old enough to master the
technologies and young enough to welcome their novelty, are at the forefront of this “digital
revolution.” The question of how this digital revolution has affected the social and neurobiological development in youth continues to be raised.

Reena Isaac, MD serves as the Medical Director of the Harris County Children’s Assessment Center’s medical clinic in Houston and is the Medical Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Forensic Nurse Program, one of the largest pediatric forensic nurse programs in the country. She served as a physician advisor for the development of an educational and interventional program for health care professionals in the potential identification and referral for suspected victims of human trafficking. This program had been adopted and executed by the non-profit organization

United Against Human Trafficking, and whose execution of the program over the years have reached a legion of health care workers across the Greater Houston Area. Dr. Isaac has contributed several publications and spoken at several regional and national academic forums on the topic of human trafficking as it relates to its interfacing with the health care community. She has developed and serves as the faculty sponsor for a pre-elective curriculum, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Identifying and Understanding Victims of Violence” for first and second year medical students of Baylor College of Medicine, thereby introducing future physicians to the presence of various marginalized populations within medical systems. In Spring 2014, Dr. Isaac addressed the United States Congress Homeland Security field hearing, “Combating Human Trafficking in Our Major Cities.”