Sex Buying is a Practice of Gender-Based Violence - Peter Qualliotine, Organization for Prostitution

This video was part of a national briefing in the U.S. Capitol building about the need to combat demand for prostitution and sex trafficking hosted by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and World Without Exploitation. The event was titled Creating a World Without Exploitation: how consumer demand drives the commercial sex trade and what we can do about it.

Peter Qualliotine is co-founder of the Seattle-based Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS) and directs Men’s Accountability programming there. He began working to engage men and boys in ending Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) more than two decades ago. In 1995, he created one of the first education programs in the country for buyers of commercial sex. Presently, with OPS, he runs “Stopping Sexual Exploitation: a Program for Men,” a ten-week transformative justice program for court and self-referred sex buyers based on principles of social justice and personal transformation. Peter also co-coordinates “Buyer Beware: a Partnership to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation” with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in King County, Washington. “Buyer Beware” brings together partners from multiple sectors to facilitate a coordinated response to sexual exploitation.