[Video] Restoration for Boys and Men from Sexual Exploitation - Anna Smith


This presentation was given at the 2016 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit in Houston, TX, hosted by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Details on the CESE Summit at EndExploitationSummit.com/
Presentation Description:
Since founding Restore One in 2012 Anna has worked alongside men and boys as they move towards recovery. Throughout her encounters in the field and personal experiences, she has noticed that many service care providers feel unequipped to work with sex trafficked males. She also has recognized that often the conversation surrounding services for sex trafficking survivors overlooks boys and men, resulting stigmas, lack of acknowledgment and scarcity of resources for this population. During this teaching session, learn and study commonalities of trauma informed care for male and female survivors. Then identify jumping points of which any agency working with survivors can glean from in order to invite services for boys and men in their program. Lastly dispel common myths and distinguish specifics of trauma informed care that are essential for the restoration of men and boys.
Anna is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Restore One. She is a Master Level Social Worker and a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. At Restore One, Anna collaborates with leading trauma experts to develop innovative safe home care for boys who’ve exited the life of sex trafficking. She enjoys using her knowledge and personal experience to strengthen and stand in freedom with others through speaking, writing and advocacy.
As a sex trafficking survivor, Anna has journeyed through her own recovery process. She understands that healing is a painful yet beautiful path we must take to receive freedom. Anna believes healing is possible for everyone, no matter age, gender or situation – it is possible.
Aside from her work at Restore One, Anna enjoys throwing pottery, writing and teaching yoga. She also loves to adventure outdoors with her husband, Chris, and play with their dogs Titus, Barnabas, and Moses.