Who said it? Victims of Christian Grey or Victims of #MeToo?


Today, Fight the New Drug launches their "Fifty Shades of Love" campaign, a week before the release of the film "Fifty Shades Freed." As part of their campaign, they've made a quiz where you decide if a quote is a real #MeToo story, or a description from the 50 Shades franchise.

In 2015, Beth Penny of The Independent writes, "Just imagine for a second that your friend tells you that a man, who she'd never given her address to, has turned up at her house. This is the same man who later will carry on having sex with her after she has asked him to stop. Wouldn’t you tell them to run?" Penny’s right, this is a dubious concept for a film coming out in 2018.

The #MeToo statements in the quiz are exactly as Penny says, terrifying accounts of abuse. But so are the 50 Shades statements. Many times I attributed stories of abuse to #MeToo, and found that they were actual plot points from the franchise. I scored 3/10.

50 Shades is a story of abuse. The movies promote the idea that women are ‘turned on’ by violence. Its message says a girl should
“give in” to her boyfriend’s sadistic impulses because he’ll eventually show he loves her. Haven’t we outgrown these storylines? Are there no better stories to tell?

Take the quiz here.