Revcontent & NCOSE: Leading the way to end objectifying ads online


We applaud Revcontent for its corporate leadership in the native advertising industry by rejecting profits from sexually objectifying and explicit content,” said Patrick A. Trueman, President and CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “In today’s climate of sexual harassment and assault, it’s vital for corporations to do their part to stop the normalization of hypersexualized material that dehumanizes women, and therefore fosters #MeToo culture. Revcontent’s stand for women and for the human dignity of all people, not only meets our standards, but sends the powerful message that people are to be valued for their full humanity—not reduced to sex objects.”

“Sexual misconduct and exploitation is a massive problem that this world faces on a daily basis,” said John Lemp, CEO and founder of Revcontent. “As a Christian and someone who was shocked by the amount of stories that have been shared through this movement, I wanted to ensure that Revcontent was doing its part to eliminate sexually explicit imagery, headlines and landing pages, not only in our network, but in advertising as a whole...We are so fortunate to be working with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, they are leaders in addressing the objectification and exploitation of women and we are grateful for their assistance in helping us define the strictest standards for ad quality in the native advertising industry.”