5 states declare Pornography as a Public Health Crisis!

Here Are The States That Have Passed Resolutions Declaring Porn A Public Health Issue
Here Are The States That Have Passed Resolutions Declaring Porn A Public Health Issue

We’ve always believed that if people truly understood the harms of pornography, they would choose not to support it, and that's why these educational resolutions are such good news.


So far Utah, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia have passed resolutions through their state legislatures that declare pornography as a public health crisis and several other states have resolutions up for review and are working to pass their own resolutions. These resolutions are important because they "acknowledge the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level in order to address the epidemic that is harming the people of our states and our country as a whole."

To clarify, a resolution is NOT a bill. As Fight The New Drug puts it, "the resolution has never proposed to ban or restrict pornography in any way, but to simply recognize it as an issue that needs resources for education and awareness on its harmful effects. Rather than taking away adults’ rights to consume porn, the resolutions put these states better positions to promote the science and research that show porn’s negative effects on individuals, relationships, and society. The goal of these resolutions is to limit the spread of this national porn issue we are experiencing."

Pornography is important to recognize as public health issue because it "has created an unprecedented epidemic of sexual harm. Children and young people are being exposed to violent and degrading content, which by default has served as their sex education. Once a social or health issue involves problems that affect individuals or groups beyond their capacity to correct – responsibility shifts from individual accountability to holding the forces and influences that cause it accountable."

You can read more about the harms of pornography here: http://endsexualexploitation.org/publichealth/