This was meme was posted in an right-wing Trumper group I lurk in... This is why Kanye's clown show in the oval office last week hurt our cause tremendously. Kanye gave political cover, aid and comfort to regressive racists. This is why Trump shut the fuck up and let Kanye have the floor.

For every 'prison reform', and economic inequality statement Kanye made, he nullified it by saying, "racism is a myth", blah blah blah. He's still on his, "slavery was a choice", tour. Kanye uttered a few magic purr words and some black folk just stopped critically thinking. Kanye pulled a Trump on y'all. That's exactly how Trump keeps his cult following intact.

All y'all gullible mofos out here applauding Kanye's step'n' fetchit' performance for his only audience, Trump and himself, and Trump's racist administration...y'all hurtin' us.