Duane Townsend

Remember 2016? Don’t Put Your Faith in Political Polls - The Corporate Media Complex often uses specially crafted polls to manufacture consent...their polls are crafted with only 6% of all people contacted responding, people with landlines. "The Pew Research Center reported Wednesday that the response rate for its phone polls last year fell to just 6 percent — meaning pollsters could only complete interviews with 6 percent of the households in their samples. It continues the long-term decline in response rates, which had leveled off earlier this decade. What’s to blame for the recent slippage? [Pew’s survey research director Courtney] Kennedy says it’s harder to get people to complete polls over cell phones because they are getting more calls they don’t want, which makes them less likely to talk to pollsters. https://truthout.org/articles/remember-2016-dont-put-your-faith-in-political-polls/