A Message to Artists from Terence Mckenna

From his lecture "opening the doors of creativity"

Welcome to Community Independent Journal, the web-channel of Community of Independent Human Beings on Facebook, and Twitter. We're excited about our partnership with Maven. Maven is a next level portal for social media. Ultimately this channel wants to be a work of art, collaborative art. A collective expression of our communal longing for peace, mutual prosperity, and well being. This is a proud Social Justice page. We'll use visual art, word-craft, memes, sound-craft, long rambling, hopefully insightful, commentary articles. We want to inspire thought, invoke the heart-space for social justice, by any means necessary.

Join us here for information, reflection, social-cultural critique, political analysis, philosophy, spirituality, and general human to human communion.

We're not here to debate, but we will have the conversation.