Opinion: America is paying an awful price for Donald Trump

Crisp/USA Today Images


The recent stock market roller-coaster ride triggered by Donald Trump's lies and boasts about China agreeing to steep tariff reductions illustrate the ongoing damage he is inflicting on the United States, says Frida Ghitis is this guest column on CNN.

She writes:

The President's chronic practice of saying and doing what he thinks is good for him is making the country itselfless trusted by its allies, less fiscally sound and less respected around the world. America and its people are already paying, and the costs will continue to mount.

It may be comforting to believe that once the Trump era ends -- however that happens -- the United States will return to some sort of pre-Trump normalcy; that America's allies will trust Washington again and the friendships will continue as if the Trump turmoil had not happened; that the markets will have faith in America as the relatively trusted global epicenter of financial activity; that the world will once again believe what some once did, as former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney saidin his eulogyto George H.W. Bush, that the United States is "the greatest democratic republic that God has ever placed on the face of this Earth;" that they will again look up to the United States for inspiration on human rights, a free press, diversity and equality. But we should expect no automatic return to the status quo ante Trump on many fronts.

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