Is it time for automatic voter registration in WA?


And it's not intransigent Republicans who have seen the benefits of voter suppression in North Carolina and other states. Well, perhaps it could be.
But in a statistical analysis by Kristin Eberhard of Sightline Institute, an independent public policy think tank based in Seattle, a complicating factor for Washington is that the state doesn't require documentation of legal presence in the United States to get a standard drive license or ID.
That means a multi-agency effort would need to be enlisted to get people registered automatically.
The details can be found here: What automatic voter registration could mean for WA
Concludes Eberhard:
"The Washington legislature could expand its track record of honoring citizens’ right to vote. By passing an Automatic Voter Registration Law requiring the Department of Licensing to automatically register to vote all documented citizens, Washington could clear an unnecessary obstacle from the paths of some of the more than one million Washingtonians who are eligible to vote."