Are red & blue in WA mostly divided by environment, the safety net & government efficiency?

In April, the homegrown public opinion trackers at Elway Research released the results of their post-presidential election polling and found that while red and blue Washington are indeed polars apart in many ways, the biggest differences are found in attitudes on three topics.

For those not familiar with The Elway Poll, it sports a long history of non-partisan research into the hearts and minds of citzens in Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

This spring they interviewed 503 randomly selected voters from across the state and asked their attitudes on 12 topics.

Writes Elway: "The results are counter intuitive. Remarkably, majorities of voters in Trump and Clinton counties were on the same side of the issue far more often than they were on opposite sides. Opinions often differed in degree, but not in direction."

Only three of the 12 issues showed majorities or near-majorities of voters in Trump and Clinton counties completely at loggerheads, Elway found. More specifically:

1) Environmental regulations:

- 49% of Trump county voters said that strict environmental regulations harm the economy;

- 62%of Clinton county voters said they are worth the cost.

2) Government Efficiency:

- 56% of Trump county voters said that government is almost always wasteful and inef􏰀icient;

- 49% of Clinton county voters said that government is more effective than it gets credit for.

3) Government guarantee of personal security:

- 51% of Clinton county voters said government should guarantee everyone enough to eat and a place to sleep;

- 54% of Trump county voters did not think it should.

You can find their six pages of analysis and date HERE .