Washington state has most unjust tax system in nation -- again


Matthew Caruchet of the Economic Opportunity Institute, a progressive public policy think tank in Washington state, has crunched the numbers and from the annual "Who Pays?" report and found that the Washington's reign as the most regressive tax state in the union is now at 22 consecutive years.

He writes:

We did it, Washington! Washington State still has the most unequal and unjust tax system in the country! That means lower-income and middle-class people have a much higher tax rate than the wealthy. We’re Number 1!

If you feel like you’re paying a lot in taxes, you may be – if you’re lower-income, you’re paying 17.8 percent, according to the 2018 edition ofthe Institute on Taxation and Policy’s “Who Pays?” report, which analyzes tax systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you’re middle-income, you’re paying 11 percent.

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