Photo Credit: The Huffington Post


Incredulous anger would arise

from those who claim they see with God’s eyes

and use biblical passages as their jury

as to why they act with such hate and fury.

A woman violated is promptly slated:

“that slut – she should keep her legs shut!”

Inexplicably blamed for a culture of smut.

Sexualising women as unthinking china dolls

would be replaced in favour of an equal payroll,

So with un-manicured hands and open minds

children will uncover historic finds

of a depressing, repressive time

when feminism still a dirty word

and their mothers and sisters could never be heard,

when a same-sex couple could not kiss nor love

under the commands of the big man above.

The life they know will be fair and understanding

The plight for equality is necessary, not demanding,

No longer will we all have to sit down and shut up

Patriarchal doctrine would have run out of luck.

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