Hello, feminists!

Six years ago, when Being Feminist began, it was a Facebook page. Over time, we grew, we learnt and we engaged with each other. We found community in an online space, bringing people together from various parts of the world and different walks of life. This lent, and continues to give, a dynamic energy to our interaction with fellow feminists.

However, we wanted more direct communication with the wonderful community that grew around the space we shared on Facebook. From an online discussion forum, we have grown into a feminist media collective. We will be publishing articles, poetry, interviews, reviews, videos, pictures - and lots more!

Many times, we have feminists messaging us with issues they want to share or opinions they want to discuss. Do you want to ask for reading recommendations? Do you want to share an incident you've been thinking about a lot and want opinions? Do you have an unpopular stand that you think should be considered by your fellow-feminists?

You'll have a chance to do that right here and a space where other users can talk to you directly. Please refrain from hate speech or personal attacks of any kind, even while discussing sensitive issues. Keep in mind that there are many feminisms and many modes of analyses, depending on your standpoint. We espouse intersectionality, self-reflexivity and kindness.

If you're interested in deepening your engagement with a community of feminists, consider registering on our site as a user. After that, you will be able to post on our site and comment on other posts, too.

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