For Michael Cohen, Three Years Is An Eternity

Michael CohenDonkeyHotey/cc-2.0/Flickr

Chris Suprun

Three years is an eternity in politics. Three years is either an eternity in prison or not enough depending on which side of the aisle you sit. Michael Cohen , attorney to the “President*” will soon find out three years feels like an eternity incarcerated.

Today, US District Judge William Pauley described "a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct” for crimes Cohen pleaded guilty on. Cohen was sentenced to thirty-six months in jail for these offenses. It was potentially a karmic sentence. Three years ago today Michael Cohen tweeted that Hillary Clinton would be jailed for perjury and receive free room and board Cohen I believe received a lighter sentence in part because of his work with the Mueller probe. The Southern District of New York though charged he did not reveal other crimes.

Cohen though may have been sentenced for pulling a Mitch McDeere.

Multiple reports indicate that both Cohen and Donald Trump have worked with the mob for decades. Like the movie, The Firm with Tom Cruise and Wilford Brimley, Cohen may have outed Trump on several issues pertaining to national security to the Mueller probe while staying silent on mob issues. This is important because it could be Cohen wants to avoid Whitey Bulger’s recent fate in a West Virginia prison. If indeed he cooperated in this manner we now know both why he is serving time – he did crimes deserving of punishment – but Mueller’s office filing makes clear he should not be behind bars for too long. This may also be an indication that Mueller thinks this issue will be wrapped up by December 2021 – an incredible pace given the track record of most special counsel investigations.

Either way, Cohen will now find himself incarcerated watching from the Mueller investigation unfold. Cohen started the 2016 campaign attacking Clinton with fake news for fake crimes. He now finds himself defending himself in the real news from real crimes he admits he did for “President*” Donald. This is karma.