Will GOP House candidates step away from Trump? Bet on it. The calendar is key

A House United

When the threat of a late-filing primary challenger passes, Republicans won't have to stay tethered to their fraying red MAGA hats. The smart ones will toss them.

With the 2018 congressional elections looming large, Republicans have much to fret about, false bravado notwithstanding.

President Trump's approval rating is hovering at 40%, well below the comfort level for GOP House candidates this year. They are on rocky terrain in districts that are not gerrymandered in their favor, and under water even in many that are drawn to give them an advantage.

The math simply doesn’t work for them. Democrats only need to pick up 24 seats to take the House. According to Real Clear Politics, in a generic ballot, Democrats top Republicans 45.9% to 36.6%, placing congressional Republicans even lower than where Trump is with the electorate.



Cheri Jacobus