We warned America about Trump, now his supporters have to choose

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A House United

If there is truly “no place for white supremacists or Nazis” in American life, and specifically in the GOP, then why tacitly encourage it by doing nothing about it?  

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were not defeated by furrowed brows and “strong words” denouncing his evil in carefully (and fearfully) crafted statements that avoided specifically using his name. The brave allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, provided salvation for those still alive in the concentration camps and exposed the greatest evil the world has ever known with the murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust by Nazis. They did not achieve this with carefully parsed written statements designed to merely check off a box without angering certain segments of a voting base. They may also have neglected to apply for a permit.

My former boss, Bob Michel (R-Ill.) who served as the House Republican leader for 14 of his 38 years in Congress, was one of our brave men who landed on a beach in Normandy and was wounded as he helped liberate the world from evil. He died earlier this year.  It may be a blessing he did not live to see how far his beloved GOP has fallen, and the sorry state of today’s GOP leadership.



Cheri Jacobus