We Got To Feel Normal Today With Trump Absent From McCain Memorial

Obama and McCainPimkie/cc-2.0/Flickr

Cheri Jacobus

The contrasts were stark.  They evoked a nostalgic sense of a more genteel time -- at least compared to where we are now.

John McCain, in death, is still setting an example, making us better, and reminding us of who we were before the scourge of Trump, and who we can be again, once Trump and Trumpism are defeated.

McCain's two rivals in his two presidential bids against whom he fought vociferously, both eulogized him today with honesty, humor, affection and respect.  

Former President George W. Bush, who narrowly defeated McCain in a hard-fought 2000 Republican presidential primary battle, talked about how he and his rival, over time, became friends.

McCain's 2008 Democratic rival, Barack Obama, also spoke of the relationship he and McCain built after their campaigns were over and Obama was in the Oval Office.  

Donald Trump will never know or understand such friendships.  He will never earn such respect, mutual regard and friendship.

Trump was not invited to the McCain funeral.  However, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) a one-time McCain ally and "mini-me" of sorts (before inexplicably throwing his total and seemingly unequivocal allegiance to Donald Trump), asked McCain's grieving widow, Cindy, if he could invite Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  The Trumpian pair stuck out like sore thumbs, especially as Ivanka texted like a bored 13 year-old during the ceremony.

And while true patriots honored another true patriot -- a giant who will be remembered as one of our most respected and revered public servants -- the president Russia's Vladimir Putin worked to install in the White House, stewed in his own juices.

Donald Trump, after first refusing to lower the flag at the White House for more than a day for John McCain, today was hitting the links while the nation and its leaders -- sans him, blessedly -- mourned a great man.  Trump also, reportedly has been angry all week at the attention John McCain has been getting, seeing it fit more for a president. But then, Trump made it clear three years ago that he only liked "people who weren't captured," implying that John McCain's 5 1/2 years as a POW during the Vietnam war a personal weakness or failure.  

Oddly, today was a nice break from the trashy reality show Trump forces down our throats on a daily basis.  For a moment, even in our grief, we were able to feel normal again.


Cheri Jacobus