Trump team collusion with Russia? Ukraine connection may hold key

(Photo: Win McNamee, Getty Images)

A House United

After months of speculation, educated guesses and connecting the dots, the FBI investigation into just what Russia did to attempt to impact the 2016 U.S. presidential election and who in the United States had dealings with Russians is coming into sharper focus. In fact, there is one thread that may end up as the defining unraveling of the Trump presidency.

Rubber — meet road.

The unverified Steele dossier alleges that Donald Trump offered a quid pro quo to Russia, promising to change the GOP platform language on Ukraine to favor Russia, if Wikileaks would provide his campaign with any salacious and damaging information uncovered from the hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Is that why Trump advisers insisted — even to the point of bullying, by some accounts — that the GOP platform language be changed to make sure it didn't call for giving Ukraine weapons to fight Russian forces? And why do they now tell different stories than they told just a few months ago?



Cheri Jacobus