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Cheri Jacobus

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, is quite pleased with Donald Trump's racist terrorizing of Mexican migrants seeking asylum. He has routinely tweeted support, encouragement, admiration and appreciation that Trump shares his beliefs. Duke has also retweeted Ann Coulter with similar sentiments.

Trump's racist and factually incorrect last minute, desperate campaign ad placing a target on immigrants has been pulled from NBC, and -- surprisingly -- even from FOX News and FOX Business News, though both of the latter have echoed and amplified Trump's racism as part of their regular programming. CNN refused to run the ad at all.

Trump has had his name invoked in connection of at least 17 criminal cases for inciting violence, called tiki torch carrying white nationalist nazis in Charlottesville last year (who killed protester Heather Heyer) "very fine people" and has seen his rancid, racist base dwindle to include almost solely uneducated white men (and the women who make them their sandwiches.)

Trump is finding it increasingly difficult to run from the "racist" label, as are his white nationalist GOP Members of Congress. Perennially safe Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, a white nationalist, is now in a dead heat, according to a new poll. After using the "nationalist" term to describe himself, much to the delight of white nationalists nationwide, Trump then doubled down on his racist rhetoric, even after multiple bombs were sent to many of his critics in politics and media by one of his fans, and 11 people were slaughtered at a Pittsburgh synagogue by a right-wing anti-Semite.

Donald Trump has a long history of racism, white nationalism and anti-Semitism. From marking the rental applications of African-Americans with a "C" for "colored" so he could deny them apartments (and was sued twice for racial discrimination by DoJ and settled twice) to refusing to denounce and reject the KKK and David Duke's endorsement during the 2016 presidential election, there is no doubt that Trump is a flat-out racist. There is no doubt that people have died at the hands of his racist followers who feel emboldened by Trump's racism.

​ There is also no longer room for tap dancing around the fact that if you support a racist -- you are a racist. It's choosing time.

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Covfefe In Chief
Covfefe In Chief

Andrew Gillum nailed it..."the racists think you're a racist". And so it follows that the non-racists will also think you're a racist.

Cheri Jacobus