Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill

(Photo: Andrew Harnik, AP)

A House United

There are moments in history that crystalize the “before” and “after” resulting from a turbulent seismic shift, upending life as we know it, social norms, who we are and how we define ourselves. For women in my generation and older, we are now experiencing just such a historic moment.

The plethora of credible, impactful sexual harassment claims against men in power resulting in immediate termination is staggering. Shocking. And oh so very encouraging to working women everywhere. The worm isn’t just turning. It’s spinning at warp speed, and it’s not slowing or stopping any time soon.

The nation got whiplash when the late Fox News chief Roger Ailes was swiftly kicked to the curb. Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling, Fox News co-president Bill Shine, all were felled in quick succession. Ronan Farrow’s exposé of Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein set off another round.



Cheri Jacobus