Put the Brakes on Kavanaugh Confirmation. This *&!# Just Got Real.

Sen. Diane Feinstein and SCOTUS nominee Brett KavanaughBruce Detorres/cc-2.0/Flickr

Cheri Jacobus

Things just got real in the messy confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh. It's time to put country before party (or before fear of Donald Trump's twitter habit) and put the brakes on the Kavanaugh confirmation.

The revelations and documentation showing that he perjured himself not only in his confirmation hearings for a position on the Supreme Court of the United States, but also in his confirmation hearings for his current position of federal appeals judge require we hit the "pause" button.

The odd and rather mysterious financial machinations whereby Kavenaugh claims to have run up $200,000 in debt to purchase sporting event tickets for friends is also casting a pall over the confirmation hearings.

A late-breaking allegation of possible sexual misconduct in his past is the most recent shoe to drop for Kavanaugh, prompting Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) to alert the FBI.

Republicans should agree to slow down the process and work with Democrats to investigate and gain clarity on these matters. Their panic to confirm Kavanaugh before the midterm elections in November smacks of hypocrisy, given their refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee of President Obama's, claiming that it was "only" 14 months before the end of his presidential term and a full year before the election and this was somehow reason to delegitimize his right to a judicial pick.

With public distrust of Trump growing and disturbing allegations and evidence against Kavanaugh piling up, Senate Republicans need to think hard before choosing this hill to die on.

And by the way, word to both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate: vet these people HARD during their confirmation for lower courts so that we don't have to suffer these little "surprises" later on. Let Kavanaugh be your warning.


Cheri Jacobus