Pro-Hillary Clinton news site fills a media need, but misses the mark

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A House United

The notion that all published and broadcast news is real, unbiased and thoroughly verified seems like a no-brainer. Many of us spent the early part of our lives taking such authentication for granted.

Didn’t we all assume that we were ahead of the game by keeping ourselves informed? We learned to respect the seriousness of journalism as we watched our parents warm up the black and white TV minutes before tuning in nightly to David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, Walter Cronkite and Harry Reasoner.

When Cronkite ended each news broadcast with “And that’s the way it is” we knew that, indeed, what he’d just told us was the way it, in fact, was. We never had reason or cause to question it.

The launch of a left-leaning media company that promotes itself as citing only verified news is a mixed bag. While there is a desperate need for verified news to be easily recognized and trusted, it needs to be an across-the-board non-partisan project in order to be taken seriously as a trusted, oft-cited brand.



Cheri Jacobus