OPINION | Scaramucci grovels his way in — now comes the hard part

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A House United

I don’t know Anthony Scaramucci.  I do know some of his close associates.  I know in 2015 Donald Trump asked to meet with him about having him work to raise money for his campaign. Although he didn't sign up at first, he did work for the campaign but was eventually snubbed for a job in White House.

That Scaramucci eventually sold his soul and has been trying for months to become a part of the Trump administration is uncomfortable to watch.  But groveling, degrading oneself, and proving total loyalty and fealty to Trump finally paid off.

So why would Trump and Scaramucci think a fundraising guy who has zero experience working as either press secretary or communications director for an elected official and little experience on a campaign — let alone in a White House — think this is the most qualified person for White House communications director?  Sean Spicer reportedly resigned over the Scaramucci hire, citing that question.



Cheri Jacobus