OPINION | Gen. John Kelly is setting himself up for failure

A House United

A mere five days ago I tweeted, “In any other White House or workplace, @Scaramucci would be fired immediately and escorted from the premises by security for what he did.” And this even before the infamous profanity-laden tirade. This was after he’d tweeted a false accusation that then-White House chief-of-staff Reince Priebus had illegally leaked Scaramucci’s financial disclosure forms. He was taking it to the FBI and clearly intended to get Priebus in a heap of legal trouble.

The problem? The newly-minted Trump communications director seemed embarrassingly unaware that (a) leaking an unclassified document is not a crime, and (b) his financial disclosure statement went public a few days earlier and were legally and easily accessed by a reporter. The arrogant rookie tweeted before he thought, a trait he shared with his very temporary boss.



Cheri Jacobus