Never Trump Republican's midterm plea to Democrats: Reach out to people like me

House Democratic leadership.J. Scott Applewhite, AP

A House United

If they go far left, unhappy Republicans will stay home or stick with Trump's GOP.

Americans are desperate for adult leadership in Washington. That is not Donald Trump. That is not the current Republican Party. There is only one option remaining, and the Democratic Party appears poised for a congressional “blue wave” victory in November.

But if Democrats are giddy with the belief that current favorable poll numbers and white hot intensity are because a large swath of voters suddenly changed their basic molecular and ideological structure, let me rain on their parade. 

If the far left of the Democratic Party uses the current climate to push a far left message, it’s a sign to moderates, independents, Never-Trump GOP and former GOP that the Democratic Party is not in “adult mode” either. The party then runs the risk of courting rejection by these voters, who will instead stay home on election day, or worse, hold their noses with one hand while checking the box for Trump’s congressional Republicans with the other.



Cheri Jacobus