Mueller Should Ignore Midterms, Go Full Bore with Indictments

Robert Mueller, Special CounselJames Ledbetter/cc-2.0/Flicker

Cheri Jacobus

With Labor Day looming and Republicans demanding that Special Counsel Robert Mueller cease any indictments or public action related to the Russia investigation until after the November mid-term elections, their rationale seems riddled with holes.

The Mueller investigation centers on Trump's White House, family, campaign and business associates.   To insist or expect a moratorium on the investigation that does not, at least to date, implicate Congress, is nothing more than a political ploy by Trump Republicans.  Mueller is under no obligation to play by those arbitrary and politically self-serving rules Republicans tout.  

Ironically -- and dripping with hypocrisy -- Senate Republicans feel no such obligation to invoke the same rule for themselves with regard to the confirmation process of Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Since the Mueller investigation at its core is about the very legitimacy of Trump's election win, hitting the pause button on the confirmation process is the only measure that makes sense.

Senate Republicans have already illustrated their willingness to stall SCOTUS nominations.  They denied President Obama his choice using the excuse that it was "only" one year out from a presidential election.  Though at the time a Republican operative, I publicly chastised Senate Republicans for such a blatantly unfair obstructionist move.  

The lack of consistency and integrity by the GOP is jaw-dropping, as is their high level of hypocrisy. But most disturbing is their arrogance that in the era of Trump, anything goes.


Cheri Jacobus