Manafort's Asset Forfeiture Likely Has Trump Clan Nervous


Cheri Jacobus

News that must be chilling the already cold blood of every member of the Trump clan, is that of Paul Manafort's asset forfeiture as part of his guilty plea to Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

Manafort forfeits all funds contained in four bank accounts, a life insurance policy, five properties in New York his home in the Hamptons, his Trump Tower condo, other Manhattan properties on Howard Street and Baxter Street.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice website, "The Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program encompasses the seizure and forfeiture of assets that represent the proceeds of, or were used to facilitate federal crimes. The primary mission of the Program is to employ asset forfeiture powers in a manner that enhances public safety and security. This is accomplished by removing the proceeds of crime and other assets relied upon by criminals and their associates to perpetuate their criminal activity against our society. Asset forfeiture has the power to disrupt or dismantle criminal organizations that would continue to function if we only convicted and incarcerated specific individuals."


Cheri Jacobus