Kaepernick and Nike Flummox Trump Racists

Nike shoesAlan Levin/cc_2.0/Flickr

Cheri Jacobus

Marketing brilliance. But then, we should expect nothing less from Nike as they celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their initial display of marketing brilliance of the "Just Do It" campaign to get Americans moving and healthy.

Their launch of an ad campaign using Colin Kaepernick, who jeopardized his skyrocketing successful NFL career by using his platform to take a risk, take a knee, and protest police brutality of black men in America, is, indeed, breathtaking in its boldness and brilliance.

They have none other than Donald Trump to thank for it.

As social media is being used by Trump bigots to show their hatred and anger at Nike for showcasing Kaepernick as the new face of their brand, the racists have been calling for a Nike boycott by posting photos and video of them burning, cutting, and otherwise angrily destroying Nike products -- THAT THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR.

We are warned that this will be repeated "millions" of times. Oddly, Trump fans are confused as to why this threat of people purchasing millions of Nike products to use in their protest is not illicitting the fearful response they had hope for. (Nike is too busy prepping for an uptick in sales so that the bigots can get started.)

That Trump fans are exercising their free speech to protest a man who exercised his free speech to protest along with Nike exercising their free speech is a comedy in which the racists are the foil. That they seem unaware of this is not surprising, though it is rather entertaining.

Trump's blatant embrace of white supremacism and his long and growing list of racist statements and actions is not growing the ranks of his fans. His bigoted base may be loud, but it is shrinking. And while the brass at the NFL have, at times, allowed themselves to be bullied by Trump, decent folk are not.

Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem at the opening of the football games drew the ire of Trump, who called for boycotts, indicated the black players who joined Kaepernick were "ungrateful" for the opportunity given them (newsflash - the players earned their place and hold significant power and influence) and that the protest was somehow disrespectful to veterans.

Trump's base was eager to use the snake oil salesman's talking points.

Nike is turning them into pure gold. Kaepernick's megaphone just grew louder. It is moments like these that highlight those things that Make America Great and hope that we can right our wrongs.

Thank you Colin Kaepernick and Nike.



Cheri Jacobus