John Kelly — like this whole White House — is done

(Photo: CNN)

A House United

Even with the relaxed restrictions on access to guns Trump imposed nearly a year ago by rolling back Obama-era gun regulations, perpetrators of domestic abuse are legally prohibited from owning a gun in America, where our standards for gun access are tragically low.

Federal law and state laws in 23 states and the District of Columbia ban convicted batterers from owning a gun. Among the banned possibly should have been former Trump White House senior aide Rob Porter, an alleged serial batterer who was recently forced to resign. However, a random 18-year-old can legally obtain a firearm easier than he can score a six pack of beer to drink with his pals behind the bleachers at a high school Friday night football game.

Yet despite our lax laws that allowed an 18-year-old to purchase a deadly firearm and slaughter 17 innocents in Florida this week because we are stupid, stupid, stupid in love with guns and death in this country — even we, the deadliest and most dangerous gun nation on the planet knew enough not to allow the batterers in our midst to own guns.



Cheri Jacobus