Jacobus: The Coming Monetization of Hope Hicks and Little White Lies

A House United

A nameless person on Twitter mused that the most recent in a long line of outgoing White House Communications Directors, Hope Hicks, never really has been a communications director, but rather her role was similar to that of the “comfort goat” placed in the stall of Secretariat to keep him calm. While Donald Trump is certainly no Triple Crown winning thoroughbred, the analogy seems otherwise apt.

Her youth, messy and irresponsible romantic entanglements, and model good-looks have given her potential criminality, or blind support thereof, an aura of glamour, prompting a spate of gossipy reports and speculation that Hope Hicks is ripe for a $10 million book deal, a movie, and any and all of the accoutrements awarded celebrities, regardless of how that celebrity status was achieved.

In short, Hope Hicks is on track to monetize shame, stupidity, possible obstruction of justice and even potentially conspiracy with Russia to undermine U.S. elections. Her almost comical, chronic, repeated instances of exercising extremely poor judgement on so very many levels is about to become her lottery ticket.



Cheri Jacobus