How This All Ends For Trump

Mitch McConnellDonkeyHotey/cc-2.0/Flickr

McConnell is giving Trump enough rope to hang himself so when House impeaches, Senate GOP can bail on Trump before 2020

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is exquisite in his timing, prose, strategy and choreography. But then, there's so much material to work with.

Here's my theory, that goes a tad beyond just spitballin'.

After the midterm blue wave, Mitch McConnell and Rupert Murdoch met after hours in McConnell's office to agree on a basic strategy -- specifically, Trump's exit strategy.

With 22 GOP seats to defend in 2020 compared to the Democrats 12, President Trump needs to be long gone by then, giving Republicans at least a fighting chance to survive as a party, after no doubt losing the Senate in a bloodbath. How much blood is shed is what's at stake.

It's not a stretch to see how McConnell is giving Trump enough rope to hang himself -- and soon -- so that after the Democratic House no doubt impeaches Trump, there is an undeniable mountain of evidence against Trump to justify the minimum number of GOP Senators needed to vote to convict and oust Trump from the White House. It may be why he refuses to protect Mueller with Senate action.

Of course, Trump will resign before this occurs, once McConnell publicly whips (counts in advance) the votes and each Senator who needs to be on the record that they will vote to convict Trump, is able to check off that box in advance of their campaign. This provides McConnell and the GOP time to try to limit the size and scope of the 2020 massacre, perhaps keeping the party alive, despite near mortal Trump wounds.

FOX News and the Wall Street Journal editorial page will pave the way, ensuring the GOP has cover.

Now that they have their Supreme Court justices and other judicial spots filled, they no longer have to stick by Trump.