How Christie went from America's straight shooter to Trump's crooked yes man

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A House United

New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie managed to succeed at this — splendidly. He is now the least popular governor in the nation, according to a national poll of governors released by the research group Morning Consult, while his good friend, Governor Larry Hogan (R-Md.), is ranked No. 2.  Christie used to be one of the most popular.

Embracing President Obama (literally — an actual bromance hug) during his visit to hurricane-ravaged New Jersey in the wake of Sandy in 2012 may have earned the ire of some right-wing partisans, but it was hardly damaging to his poll numbers.  Representing the raw emotion of his constituents as they sifted through the debris that had been their homes and their lives after the devastating storm served to further humanize the already popular governor.

Christie was the good guy, straight shooter, tough, and one of us. Until he wasn’t. Until he became just another crooked politician and opportunist.



Cheri Jacobus