Get The Popcorn, Folks. Things Are About To Get Very Interesting For Trump

Donald Trump

Cheri Jacobus

The genius of our Founders in designing our divided government was to ensure that it would be near impossible for democracy to be thwarted. Checks and balances reigned supreme, and freedom was ensured by making the passage of laws a difficult process requiring much wrangling, debate and pushing the large boulder up the hill.

No one promised us Democracy would be easy, and our Founding Fathers understood it would need to be fought for on a continuing basis -- that the ongoing effort was critical. In fact, they intended it that way. They also understood with every fiber of their beings that the fight was worth it.

In the era of Trump, we need to be reminded of what it took to birth our democracy, it’s fragility, and that we are on the precipice of it’s destruction.

The congressional mid-term elections that ended Trump’s GOP “trifecta” where they held the House, Senate and the White House serves as the reality check the nation needed as Trump crashed his way through our laws, traditions and norms like a rabid bull through a china shop. More than a mere “course correction” on the part of voters, November 6th was strong arm of the people stepping in to stop a tyrant, doing the job the Republican majority in Congress refused to do.

From Trump associates committing perjury by lying to Congress as was the case with Roger Stone and Michael Caputo, not to mention Donald Trump, Jr., to the growing ethical violations of multiple Trump cabinet members and the ongoing list of violations of the emoluments clause by Trump and his family, the GOP Congress sat by in silence. As Trump illegally places another partner in coverup into the position of acting Attorney General after firing Jeff Sessions, the GOP is mum. Their refusal to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he appears to be closing in on Trump and his crimes, and those of his family and associates, is alarming -- especially after voters spoke loud and clear on election day.

Even Trump’s threat to shut down the federal government of Congress doesn’t fund his promised border wall at the U.S.-Mexican border, despite the fact that Trump ran his presidential campaign with the promise he would force Mexico to pay for the wall, and that nearly every GOP-held congressional seats along the border was flipped by voters to Democrats, has not altered the rhetoric and irresponsible behavior on the part of Trump and the wounded GOP.

Rather than perform triage, the GOP -- rather inexplicably -- instead is further opening the wound by failing to rein in Trump while they still can.

But Trump is about to be smacked in the face with reality. His incessant complaining about how hard it was for him to implement his agenda, his blaming others -- including the GOP Congress -- his lies, excuses, mind-numbing sheer stupidity about basic civics, and his abuse of his position to use his power to try to protect himself from prosecution, all happened as a complicit and corrupt GOP majority propped him up.

But things are about to get very, very interesting as the newly-elected Democrat-led House of Representatives assumes power and returns to it’s proper role in the system of checks and balances.

Democrats will investigate Trump’s ties to the Saudis as he brazenly gives them cover for the murder of journalist Jamal Khoshoggi. They will perform their proper oversight function of Trump’s cabinet and the federal agencies they manage. Democrats will once and for all obtain Trump’s mysterious tax returns and other financial documents he has been desperately hiding from the press and public. There will now be legal consequences for lying to Congress. Lest Senate Republicans think their slim majority makes them immune to the corrosive impact of Donald Trump and his corrupt regime, any notion they have that Trump will give a damn about them heading into 2020 should be kicked to the curb immediately. With 22 GOP Senate seats to defend, (Democrats have only 12 seats up, with only two from states Trump won in 2012), defending Trump’s conspiring with Russia, his lies, misogyny, abuse of power and violation of the emoluments clause is hardly where Senate Republicans need to be in 2019 and 2020.

Get the popcorn, folks.

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the sooner the better, before we go over a cliff!

Cheri Jacobus