Fiscal Conservatism is Dead. Trump and his GOP killed it.

Trump play money

Cheri Jacobus

Fiscal conservatism is dead. Trump and his impotent congressional GOP killed it.

They made history this week, but you won't hear them bragging about it. While for decades the GOP proudly defined itself as the party of fiscal responsibility, and now in control of the White House, the House and the Senate, the national debt surpassed $21 trillion this week, according to the U.S. Treasury.  Trump and his band of GOP bandits also suspended the federal debt limit, allowing themselves to borrow an unlimited amount of money until March of next year.

A proud new GOP congressional majority in the mid-90's passed the first balanced budget in a generation. We saw the first budget surplus in a generation.  And when the nutbar far right social extremists were a bit too much to take for most thinking Republicans, it was our commitment to reducing waste and fraud in federal spending, reducing the deficit and fighting tooth and nail for balanced budgets (thank you former House Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich) that held us together as a party.

Those days are gone.  


Cheri Jacobus