Don McGahn, Trump's White House Chief CounselGage Skidmore/cc-2.0/Flicker

Cheri Jacobus

As the countdown begins towards White House Chief Counsel Don McGahn's last day working for Donald Trump, so begins his desperate attempts to whitewash his sins, ethical lapses, possible illegalities and enabling the most horrendous, evil, unethical, dishonest, corrupt, racist, and incompetent persons to ever occupy the White House.

McGahn, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, helped Trump and Corey Lewandowski cover up and lie about the sanctioned super PAC they had in the primary at a time they were smearing other candidates for having super PACs. Trump claimed all of his GOP presidential primary opponents were bought and paid for, controlled by the special interests that donate to the super PACs, and that only he was not controlled by anyone because he was so rich and was self-funding.

This was a lie.

Don McGahn knew this was a lie.

When the Washington Post reported that the Make America Great Again super PAC was, in fact, sanctioned by Trump, run by a Lewandowski pal who was seen at Trump Tower, and that Trump had attended two fundraisers for the PAC, including at the home of son-in-law Jared Kushner's parents, who also seeded the PAC with $100,000, both Trump and Lewandowski lied. Lewandowski threatened to sue the Post.

I publicly tweeted that it was Lewandowski and Trump who were lying, and that Lewandowski told me about the superPAC in meetings in May and June of 2015 when the campaign contacted me to try to recruit me to be the communications director. While I merely accepted a lunch invitation from an old friend WHO WAS GOING TO WORK ON THE SUPER PAC, he brought along Corey Lewandowski without telling me in advance. The ambush was intentional. According to Lewandowski, they were having a difficult time getting serious people to meet with them.

Trump, desperate to silence me on the super PAC, defamed me by claiming I'd come to him for a job ("begged") on two occasions and was turned down. In reality, (see my pinned tweet) it was Team Trump who came to me, and I said thanks-but-no-thanks when I witnessed very unprofessional behavior on the part of Lewandowski. With the help of his pals in cable TV, Trump largely was able to quash the super PAC story so that it never was known by his core supporters. Had primary voters learned at that early point in the GOP primary that Trump had lied to them about a fundamental issue, he'd likely have been out of the race within a week.

After Lewandowski and Trump repeatedly defamed me, they received a cease and desist letter from my then-lawyer.

Don McGahn, then campaign counsel, contacted my lawyer and made an offer: Trump would delete his defamatory tweets about me in return for my signature on an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where I could not discuss what I heard in my meetings with Lewandowski, nor could I disparage Trump in any way.

The former FEC commissioner was cutting deals to help Trump lie about and cover up his super PAC.

I considered the offer, then declined, as entering into any legal agreement with Trump seemed risky, and I had just learned I was being "catfished" by what was seemed obvious was by people associated with Trump. (here, see article)

But it's interesting to note that the NDA would only last until the November 2016 election. Clearly, McGahn and Trump were confident Trump would lose. Operating under that assumption, it's likely they were conducting quite a lot of business they believed would not be scrutinized, once election day passed.

One has to wonder how many other sloppy, unethical, sleazy deals McGahn has stumbled through that will come back to haunt him as he tries frantically to mop up his mess from the past 3+ years. Further, one has to wonder what's in his own NDA that will prevent him from coming clean on the TV pundit circuit.


Cheri Jacobus