Dems are the last hope against Trump-era chaos and lies: Republican strategist

(Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)

A House United

I'm a Republican begging them to step up. Nothing else matters if they don't.

If you weren't paying close attention the week before last, you might have concluded that Jared Kushner had just met with special counsel Robert Mueller, after which he was immediately cleared of wrongdoing, and that the FBI subsequently restored the presidential son-in-law’s security clearance.

In reality, Kushner met with Mueller's team in April, and it was the Trump White House that restored his permanent security clearance. The FBI said it was merely the investigative service provider. But the news media stupidly gave the stage to Kushner's lawyer and other Trump puppets, and they muddied the waters.

Confusion and chaos, constant lies and baseless accusations. America is in a mad scramble as President Trump and his team take a page right out of the Vladimir Putin/KGB playbook for controlling and owning the masses.

The news media are overwhelmed keeping up with the lies, chaos, misdirection and cover-ups. Congressional Democrats are the last defense — but they are spooked. Polls showing voters’ lack of appetite for the “I” word (impeachment) are sending them into retreat.



Cheri Jacobus