Congress Should Censure Bolton for Giving Cover to Putin for Election Attack

John Bolton, Trump National Security Adviser and former FOX News contributorGage Skidmore/cc-2.0/Flickr

Cheri Jacobus

John Bolton, Trump's National Security Adviser and former FOX News contributor, while in Moscow yesterday, told Radio Echo Moscow that Vladimir Putin's attack on the U.S. 2016 presidential election had virtually no effect on the outcome. Trump himself denies what his own Intelligence Community agencies have confirmed -- that in fact, Putin meddled in the elections and is doing so again in the upcoming U.S. congressional midterm elections.

"The point I made to Russian colleagues today was that I didn't think, whatever they had done in terms of meddling in the 2016 election, that they had any effect on it, but what they have had an effect in the United States is to sow enormous distrust of Russia," Bolton said. Bolton gives Putin a pass.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3,000,000 votes. He seemingly miraculously managed to thread the electoral vote needle to pull out a win, by getting 77,000 votes -- 0.0569% of the total vote -- in three key states where Putin heavily focused his illegal efforts to favor Trump.

Bolton ignored that Putin's cheating for Trump in those states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, provided Trump the nearly statistically impossible combination of scant votes that gave him the electoral college win.

Experts now say not only did Putin order a concerted Russian hacking and online disinformation campaign that helped tip the 2016 US presidential election toward Donald Trump, but never stopped, and are currently interfering in the 2018 congressional midterms Russia manipulates U.S. elections through social media.Putin already meddling in midterms

John Bolton (and Trump) knows this, yet gave Putin a pass by claiming it had no impact on the outcome, despite the massive body of evidence to the contrary. Should Democrats gain a majority in the House after the midterms despite Putin's cheating that is being aided and abetted by Trump and Bolton, they should immediately censure Bolton for his comments in Moscow.


Cheri Jacobus