Bannon's brutal ouster from Trump and Breitbart circles should frighten America

(Photo: Alex Brandon, AP)

A House United

At Breitbart, Bannon created an online haven — a fertile safe space — for white nationalists and anti-Semites. Then he mobilized them behind a reality show host/failed casino owner/conspiracy theorist buffoon who won the GOP presidential nomination, largely because his outrageous clown show was ratings gold.

Many right-wing media figures, authors and commentators had made their fame and fortune with a Clinton in the White House. They likely wanted a repeat of that success and no doubt believed a Trump nomination ensured a Hillary Clinton win. I’m guessing more than a few publishers have a stale anti-President Hillary book proposal or two gathering dust in a drawer.

Bannon openly campaigned to tear down American institutions, the Republican Party and the government. His white nationalism was first ignored, then tolerated and even welcomed by some. When Trump brought him to the White House as a top aide, Bannon's appointment was cheered by leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party and other white nationalist groups. 



Cheri Jacobus