As Kavanaugh Accuser Passes Polygraph, GOP Senators Hover Over "Pause" Button

Kavanagh protesterLorie Shaull/cc-2.0/Flickr

Cheri Jacobus

At a party in the early 1980s, when both she and Trump Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh were high school students, Christine Blasey Ford, now a professor at Palo Alto University in California, said Kavanaugh pushed her into a room with his friend, tried to remove her clothes and put his hand over her mouth to silence her when she yelled.

Kavanaugh denies the allegations.

Professor Ford agreed to take a polygraph test to prove she is telling the truth about Kavanaugh forcing himself on her.

She passed.

Republican support for Kavanaugh has not overtly been affected (yet), however several GOP Senators seemed poised to take action to slow down the confirmation so they can learn more, or at least gauge the public reaction to the revelations.

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee where the confirmation hearings are held, said he may want Ms. Ford to testify at a hearing to his committee. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) wants a delay on the vote to confirm scheduled this week.

The immediate storm facing Republicans is Donald Trump. With an approval rating at historical low levels in the 30's, less than two months before the congressional mid-term elections, he reportedly plans to attack the alleged victim of sexual assault as a way to save face and save his nominee.

According to a recent ABC News poll, 66% of women disapprove of Trump, with 59% "strongly" disapproving. It is unclear why Trump believes his plan to attack Christine Blasey Ford is wise.



Cheri Jacobus